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Social Security Disability Representation

Our professional and experienced staff is able to handle referrals at the initial claim, reconsideration, hearing or appeals council levels. Our service includes insulating the claimant from the Social Security process by completion of all necessary Social Security forms at all levels.

  • Our experienced staff will assist a claimant in completing the paperwork required to apply for Social Security Disability.
  • We will contact all medical providers and obtain all relevant medical records.
  • Our attorneys will review all information and present it to Social Security.
  • We assist claimants in completing the application for dependent benefits.
  • We will ensure that all paperwork is complete and filed with Social Security in a timely manner.
  • Updated medical and occupational information is obtained.
  • Whenever the situation is appropriate, we will present a case to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review and request an On The Record Decision.
  • If a hearing is required, our attorneys will meet with the claimant in advance, attend the hearing and present the case.
  • If necessary we will pursue the claim to federal court.

Dependent Benefit Claims

In cases involving eligible dependents, our staff will assist claimants in completing the application for dependent benefits. We will:

  • Contact the claimant to ensure that all necessary documentation has been submitted to Social Security.
  • Follow up with the claimant’s local Social Security office when dependent benefits have not been awarded within 45 days after the claimant’s award date.

Overpayment Recovery Service

When working with Long Term Disability carriers we offer a voluntary service to our claimants to help them with repaying any overpayment created on their long term disability claim.  When the claimant receives notification of a long term disability overpayment, we will verify the overpayment calculation, communicate with the claimant and then initiate an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to our attorney escrow IOLTA account. The money is then transferred to the Insurance carrier. All appropriate authorizations are obtained throughout the process. 

File Review and Training

Our Partners and our National Director of Business Development are available to assist insurance carriers in evaluating their long term disability claims to render an opinion on the likelihood of a claimant’s eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. We can provide onsite or electronic reviews of claims on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending upon your needs. If you are looking for a day to day resource we offer placement of a full-time or part-time employee on-site at LTD/DI carrier locations for the purposes of providing Social Security referral, review and training services
For long term disability carriers, we also provide on-site or electronic training. Our partners are available to train LTD/DI employees on Social Security issues including the application process, appeals, query interpretation, or any other Social Security area requested. In addition, our National Director of Business Development, Barbara Mountain, has seven years of Group Market Social Security Program development and management experience and she is available to provide Social Security Program Consultation as requested.

Online Access

Insurance carries can refer claims to us safely and easily through our secure 1024 bit SSL encrypted, password protected, automatic idle log off website. In addition, 24 hours a day 7 days a week our website can be used to access our database, allowing adjusters to monitor the real-time status of an individual case throughout the Social Security claims process. 

Management Reports

For long term disability carriers, employers, unions or any organization that refers cases, we are frequently asked to supply various reports of our claims activity and advocacy results.  We can guarantee that our information systems capture any and all data that would be of value, and we are able to provide clear, informative results of referral activity. All of our reports are customized to your needs and can be provided in the format and frequency of your specifications. 

Query Obtainment and Interpretation

We are able to assist you in obtaining queries and Social Security information from the Social Security Administration.  Once provided with a signed Social Security approved Authorization to Release Information form we are able to obtain timely information from the Social Security Administration and interpret this information for you in plain English.